Save energy with our systems

Rising costs of energy and raw materials, as well as a growing sensitivity towards controlling emissions, are driving all major converters and flexible packaging companies to explore new technologies designed to drastically reduce the costs associated with processing systems air and energy saving.

NIRA : Safety, energy saving and respect for the environment in a single advanced solution for the converting industry

Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) monitoring systems and air handling systems are essential elements of daily processes for printing and converting companies. Correct implementation of LEL Monitoring Systems, through our Infrared or Flame Ionization monitors, not only allows full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, but also guarantees respect for the environment, with a significant reduction in Volatile Organic Compounds emissions in atmosphere, and more interesting, offers a significant opportunity for thermal energy saving and lower investments in air treatment systems.

By law, when evacuating from drying stations, hot air containing solvents must be treated before being released into the atmosphere. This air can be treated with regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) or solvent recovery plants (SRP). Measuring the solvent concentration and managing this hot air flow, allows companies to save large amounts of thermal energy, reduce the footprint and consequently the investment required on air handling systems.

NIRA’s LEL air monitoring and recirculation systems give the opportunity to optimize thermal energy savings while ensuring maximum safety and reliability during production cycles.

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