Nira, since 1987

N.I.R.A. was started his activity by designing and manufacturing of process gas analyzers and Gas Chromatographs.
Always with the aimed to provide new analytical solutions for safety, energy saving and quality control, our experience has allowed us to improve our products constantly, ensuring the most innovative solutions to our clients.

Our analytical systems are characterized by high reliability, precision, repeatability, simplicity, always guaranteeing the maximum production performances. All our systems are certified according to the latest European and International standards.

The success of our technical solutions, has enabled N.I.R.A. to rapidly expand its market over the years, building an impeccable international reputation.

In line with our continuous development, N.I.R.A. has recently renovated and expanded its production and office area, creating a work environment that reflects the trends of the modern and international industries, with great optimistic view of our future.