Automatic Air Recirculation Systems

The energy-saving system for flow-rate optimization in Air treatment Plants

Air treatment plants manage enormous quantities of airflow, which are one of the basic parameters according to which they are sized during design and construction. Through intelligent monitoring and management of such airflow,  drastic reductions in flow rate can be obtained, ranging between 40% and 60%, allowing for similar reductions in plant size and thus building and operating costs. Furthermore, automatic air recirculation of a flow monitored by LEL systems (either Flame ionization-based (link) or infrared (link) )  allows for intelligent reuse of hot air in the drying process, significantly lowering energy consumption and thus operating costs. NIRA’s Automatic Air Recirculation Systems optimize a plant’s whole airflow, lowering expenses directly.


  • Increased safety through monitoring of solvent concentrations.
  • Cost-saving on electricity, fuel oil or natural gas consumption on the air heating systems.
  • Lower investments on air treating system (RSP or RTO).
  • Lower residual solvent on laminated, coated or printed flexible materials