Fast Residual Solvent Analyzers

The compact, powerful analyzer that monitors solvent residues on finished products

NIRA’s Fast Residual solvent Analyzers allow for easy and quick analysis  of the solvent levels in finished printed products of all types, in order to optimize resource use and reduce any potential waste. In order to do this, the Fast Residual solvent Analyzer – a specifically designed Gas Chromatograph available in both Tabletop and Process models – can check the solvent level on printed materials of many kinds,  including flexible, coated or laminated specimens. The device is completely automated and thus extremely simple to use, and can analyze both solvent purity and quality inside inks and the inks, adhesives and solvents to be employed, even before their use.


  • Fast analysis and less production cost.
  • Able to analyse printed flexible materials in 7 minutes (total time).
  • Able to analyse coated or laminated printed flexible materials in 12 minutes (total time).
  • Drastically optimize your production cost by reducing waste materials and intervention time.
  • Ethernet connection; remote data checking can be made by anyone inside the factory.

 Demo video