Flame Ionization-based LEL Monitoring systems

The high-precision LEL control system for complex mixtures analysis

The purpose of an LEL monitoring System is constantly checking that solvent levels within a drying station remain within legal thresholds, to avoid the development of fire and explosion hazards due to the combination of high environmental temperatures and solvent flammability. When the monitoring of such solvents requires analysis of particularly complex gas mixtures, and thus the highest level of precision is required, flame-ionization based LEL monitoring systems are used: in this kind of analyzer, a small hydrogen-air flame ionizes the gas mixture, and the generated ions are detected through electrical means. Such precision is often particularly appreciated in the food packaging, tobacco and pharmaceutical industry; NIRA’s flame ionization-based LEL Monitoring Systems are EC certified.


  • Low investment.
  • High LEL system performances.
  • High safety in printed area.
  • Fast response time.
  • Long term stability and high linearity.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Low maintenance effort due to its wear-resistant design.
  • Very robust and long life time.
  • Most suitable analyzer for a wide range of solvents