Solvent Recovery Plant Analyzers

The only analysis device capable of monitoring solvent concentration
during the absorber-stripping phase

In many industrial plants, solvent recovery is an essential part of the business model, allowing for several reuses of solvents after the first production cycle with no alteration in performance. Solvent recovery plants, however, require a precise monitoring of the quality of incoming air, and of the type and concentration of solvents it carries, and a constant monitoring of the condition of outgoing air, in order to determine when absorbers need to be stripped. NIRA’s solvent recovery plant analyzers are capable of controlling all phases of the process, setting concentration at the ideal level to facilitate recovery, and are available for both steam and inert gas stripping solvent recovery plants.


  • The only system able to check the solvent concentration during the stripping phase of the absorbers.
  • Extraordinary long time stability: sampling loop instead of continuous capillary #ow.
  • Lower maintenance and management costs: exclusive sampling valve (no mechanical parts in motion), ejector sampling system (maintenance free) instead of the classic sample pump and only one servo gas required (hydrogen).
  • Very easy interfacing: PC embedded technology working on Windows®XP operating system (Ethernet and USB ports)